The story relating to the Aribration Session that took place at Parramatta Justice Centre 12th of February 2011
I attended a mediation session in, at the Parramatta Justice centre at Monica's request and gave up 5 hours of my leisure time on Saturday morning the 12th of February in order to discuss a compromise solution to the issue of the fence. In the lead up to the session date, despite independent requests from both Robyn and myself to allow Robyn to attend the mediation session, Robyn was expressly excluded by our neighbour Monica Thom. Robyn even suggested that Monica's brother or other family members / friends could attend to provide a degree of balance at the meeting and to provide Ms Monica Thom a more comfortable environment in which to participate in the discussions. Unfortunately Ms Thom insisted that the meeting should go ahead without Robyn in attendance which essentially prevented any firm decision being reached on the day of the initial meeting noting that Robyn Helm is a joint owner of the title. Even under these difficult circumstances, I agreed to attend as I thought we all wanted to try and achieve an amicable outcome, after all we are neighbours and have to live in close proximity to each other noting the battleaxe to street front land arrangement
A precis of the days events -
The day started off at the Parramatta Justice Centre with Monica and myself plus two independant mediators settling in for discussions centered specifically on the issue of the fence along the driveway.
It turned out it was an oppertunity to discuss all neighbour issues between Monica and Myself including loss of winter sunlight and compromise of our passive solar designed house.

1 Explained about loss of our brass house numbers with great sentimental value
2 Re iterate our desire to pay for design changes to Monicas building extention to provide us with winter solar access
YouTube Video - The Fence "Dispute Resolution by Chainsaw
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