Born 15 June 1982 Died 15 March 2012
Eulogy - Simon Peter James Helm born 15th June 1982 Died 15th March 2012
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Simon there is no one like you
I see the love you have for others
The way you were always there for me
I cherish the times we shared
And I wish there was more with me

I always looked up to you;
You always made me so proud,
You are my big brother
Forever had me wow’d

So many people love you
So I’ll never understand why
You are such a good friend,   son,   brother
And I can never say good bye.

Simon had 3 great loves – his guitar, his friends and his family.
He was born on the 15th June 1982, the little brother of Daniel, and the 2 of them were soon known as “the boys”. Once Sophia and Jonathan arrived the family were divided into subgroups – “the boys” and “the twins”.
Simon had various nicknames growing up.  Family favourites included Simone, Vivian (after the character in the Young Ones) and Persimmon (after the tree in the garden).
He was loving and funny and very good at jumping off things he really shouldn’t have gone near such as balconies and large trees. Consequently he fractured multiple bones and hours were spent in hospital casualties getting fixed up.
High school years at Oakhill brought a range of interesting pastimes including the discovery of girls. So began the shopping for hair gel, clothes not chosen by mum and the music of Metallica.
Through all his 29 years Simon held firm to his friends. They were together through engagements, weddings, and trips to Canada, the States and New Zealand.
Simon always wanted a lightning strike to show him a career path but after 10 years working at Coles he decided that this was his path and he made many good friends from his working life.
Simon’s facebook page, which Mum and Dad have only been able to access very recently, shows a wonderful life of fun and adventure including drinks in spa tubs in the middle of a Canadian Winter to yachts on the Harbour in Summer.
Simon leaves us too soon but he left us a message thanking everyone for all the help over the years and asks us for forgiveness. He loved us all with all his heart as we loved him – God Bless You Simon.

I was with Simon on all 3 trips to New Zealand America and Canada, 2 of which were snowboarding holidays. NZ was where Simon got the snowboarding bug although to be honest he had far from mastered it.
When we arrived in Canada things got off to a bumpy start with his board being stolen on the first ride day, but regardless he got another board and the guy who struggled down the green runs soon became the grey flash flaying past you on the black runs.
It really became a passion for him and a love we both share.
I’ll never forget the great times we had on the slopes of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
You will be missed.  
Having known Simon for all of his life, there are plenty of things I’ll never forget about him. I grew up living next door to the Helms and I have great memories of growing up with Daniel, Simon and Chris.
One such memory was probably as a 7 or 8 year old when I invited Daniel & Chris over to my house for what was probably our first sleepover. Simon, being a couple of years younger was probably only 5 or 6 at the time.
From what I can remember, I did only invite Daniel and Chris....Simon decided he would tag along anyway.
As the night went on and it was about time for bed, I remember Daniel started to get pretty upset and deciding he needed to go home. Not long after my mum had taken Daniel home, Chris started to feel the exact same way and again had to be taken home.
That left me and Simon....
I remember wondering when Simon would put up his hand and need to go home ... but he never did. He did sleep over...and probably got up in the morning feeling pretty happy with himself, having lasted the night when the others hadn’t.
I think even from an early age this said a lot about Simon.
- He was always up for an adventure
- And he always stuck by his mates
Nearly 25 years later he was truly a great friend and will be missed by us all.
I have known Simon since the day he was born on 15th of June 1982
We have grown up together, from teaching Simon how to catch and being in his first backyard garbage bin band to being sent home by Mr and Mrs Helm for breaking his two front teeth.
Simon was a loyal and caring friend, always there, willing to listen. I love you Simon more than you could ever imagine. Rest in peace brother, mate.
To Mr and Mrs Helm, Daniel, Sophie and Jonno. Simon loved you guys so much. He would always talk about you and how much he loved you all.
And also he loved his mates. We all knew we would be mates forever and I guess in some ways we will be. I just wish it didn’t have to be like this.
Simon was like a brother to us all. We grew up together and shared so many great times together, too many to count and far too many to talk about today but we will talk about them for the rest of our lives.
Simon, you are truly the nicest, most gentle and kind person I have ever known. I love you and I will miss you so much and I hope you will rest in peace.
Simon my brother and my best friend
I miss you and hope you rest in peace
I love you to bits I always wanted to be like you.

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